Your users expect your software to work. With Sunshinetechnosystem as your software quality assurance partner, we ensure that not only your customers are happier but also your software developers too – as we take QA tasks out of their way.

Rather than test your own software, consider Sunshinetechnosystem as your partner to provide a comprehensive and timely software quality assurance.


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Functional Testing  |  Automation TEstING |  Performance Testing |   Accessibility Testing  |  Security Testing  |   Mobile & App Testing 

Functional Testing

Functional Testing Services ensure the verification and validation of applications for independent software vendors and enterprises. The functional testing services focus on testing the applications against defined specifications and meeting the end user expectations for functionality. Sunshinetechnosystem engages with clients in the different stages of the life cycle to align the testing objectives against the overall business goals.

Sunshinetechnosystem introduces early testing in the life cycle to prevent defects and detect defects early to reduce the overall testing costs, rework costs and improve quality. Sunshinetechnosystem functional testing approach is well structured and leverages proven industry standard testing techniques, tools, pre-built test accelerators, and methodologies. Our regression testing approach ensures that the new features or enhancements do not cause any unintended impact to the existing quality of applications.

Some specific services that Sunshinetechnosystem offers for functional testing are:

  • Requirements Ambiguity Testing   |     Business Process Testing   |    Manual & Automated Testing  | Regression Testing  |  Smoke & System Integration Testing  |  Business Acceptance Testing  | Data Verification Testing


Sunshinetechnosystem test automation CoE leverages Selenium as a tool of choice for automating web application testing, for performing functional regression automation, and to develop and maintain automated test suites. Sunshinetechnosystem has invested a significant amount of resources to develop a custom test automation framework using Selenium for cross-platform application testing for the web, and mobile applications. Using Selenium WebDriver as the engine, Sunshinetechnosystem has implemented custom solutions to function with various lifecycle tools to ensure seamless integration.

Sunshinetechnosystem,  Selenium test automation experts contribute regularly to the growing Selenium open source test automation community. We are proven thought leaders in providing strategic consulting services to clients in implementing test automation using Selenium.

Sunshinetechnosystem core service offerings for organizations planning to implement Selenium Test Automation includes:

  • Test Automation Assessment & ROI Analysis
  • Framework Development, Customization, Integration, Review, & Analysis
  • Automated Test Suite Development & Maintenance
  • Automated Selenium Migration Services (Migrate2Selenium platform)


With many IT organizations around the world, adopting Agile as their SDLC, Quality Assurance and Testing teams also have had to evolve to strike the right balance of application stability and time-to-market. Testing has to become continuous and also smarter. Improved test automation with the right testing techniques help ensure that a “potentially shippable product increment” is delivered every sprint.

Sunshinetechnosystem has been a trusted testing partner for many organizations in various stages of adopting Agile. We have helped organizations new to Agile build in QA planning, estimation, metrics into their sprints. In case of more mature organizations, we have seamlessly integrated with their sprint teams to improve test coverage, velocity, and quality. Our frameworks for continuous test automation and performance testing have been leveraged by multiple organizations to improve their Quality Assurance and Testing practices.



Ensure best in class end-user experience across digital channels

Sunshinetechnosystem offers mobile testing services for both functional and non-functional testing of mobile applications. Cigniti has over 6 years of experience in mobile testing for various domains such as Banking, Insurance, Travel and Retail leveraging leading industry tools and best practices. Our Mobile Center of Excellence (MCoE) constitutes of over 300 test architects and engineers with over 60% of them holding certifications in mobile test platforms.

Sunshinetechnosystem has experience in providing a host of tests for Mobile devices such as Interruption, Memory, Accessories, Performance, User Interface, Compatibility, Network Type, Installation, Upgrade, Drive, Battery, Performance, Functional Testing, Carrier Testing, and Geo-Fence.

Sunshinetechnosystem  mobile test offerings include:

  • Mobile Test Advisory Services    |   Mobile Test Tool Feasibility   |  Mobile Test Automation Framework Development   |   Functional Testing (Manual & Automated)  |   Performance Testing   |  Security Testing

These frameworks & utilities help Enterprises and ISV’s achieve faster ROI and accelerated time to market.

Leverage Artificial Intelligence for testing the Quality of Your enterprise applications.

Artificial INTELLIGENCE Testing 

AI technologies will be in almost every new software product by 2020.

Whether it be the health, finance, or entertainment sector – every industry is trying to innovate and use AI-based apps that help automate tasks. This makes testing the apps for automation a business-critical activity. However, there are multiple testing related challenges that organisations may face while leveraging AI for testing apps for quality, such as:

  • Identifying the exact use cases
  • Lack of awareness as to what really needs to be done
  • Verifying the behaviour of the apps based on the data that has been input
  • Testing the app for functionality, performance, scalability, stability, security, and much more for it to be successful

Challenges of the AI Testing Industry


To be successful, Organisations across the globe today are looking for a secure platform using which they can transparently share information and build absolute trust.
Block chain is the answer to the challenge. A Block chain is expected to do two things – gather and order data into Blocks, and then Chain them together securely using cryptography. The following image describes the activities that go on behind the scene:

      Blockchain challenges