SAP HANA Certification training Course

This SAP HANA ClassRoom/online training from SunshineTECHNOSYSTEM will ensure you get a good grasp of SAP HANA fundamentals, learn and deploy real-time analytics. HANA is an on-premise application that is used for gathering real-time insights. In this SAP HANA training you will learn about SAP HANA Studio, Modeling, Security features and various other aspects. You will understand why SAP HANA is a fundamentally different database engine upon completion of this SAP HANA course.

What you will learn in Online SAP HANA Training Course?

  1. Learn SAP HANA basics,features,architecture and terminology involved
  2. Work on HANA Studio Modelers and gain expertise in modeling
  3. Master SAP HANA Interface, client and connectivity
  4. Auto documentation process and SAP BO Analysis
  5. Learn SAP HANA administration activities like managing users, storage and security
  6. Master System Replication, data provisioning and ABAP Data flow
  7. Configuring, reporting, monitoring & dashboard creation using SAP HANA
  8. Work on real time and complex HANA projects
  9. Writing SAP HANA queries and performance tuning
  10. Prepare for  SAP Certified Application Associate Exam

Who should take this SAP HANA Training Course?

  • SAP Development &BI consultants, Data warehouse professionals
  • Data analytics professionals, Database Architects, Project Managers

What are the prerequisites for learning SAP HANA online training?

There are no prerequisites for taking up this SAP HANA course. Basis knowledge of SQL can help.

Why should you go for SAP HANA Online Training Course?

  • The basic database product, SAP HANA, currently has more than 6,400 customers
  • A SAP HANA consultant in the United States can earn $115,000 –

SAP HANA is one of those platforms that will find much demand form enterprises around the world due to its result-oriented approach to getting work done. This SAP HANA training certification course gives you hands-on experience and knowledge in one of the most sought-after technologies in the cloud, Big Data and analytics environment. This SAP HANA training is your road to getting high paying jobs in the technology industry.

SAP HANA Course Content

Approaching SAP HANA

Introduction to In-Memory Computing – Fundamentals of SAP HANA, What SAP HANA Can do, What SAP HANA Can’t do.High Performance functionalities in SAP HANA – In-Memory computing, Columnar store database, Massive Parallel Processing, Data Compression. SAP HANA for Non-SAP Use Cases – SAP HANA for Non – SAP Analytics, SAP HANA for Non-SAP Applications. SAP HANA Database Architecture, SAP HANA Landscapes and Scenarios.

Introduction to HANA Studio

Add SAP HANA System – Perspectives, Administration, Modeling, Development Plan Viz. Folders- Catalog, Content, Provisioning, Security.SAP HANA Database SQL Script – HANA Database SQL Basics, types of statements, data types, operators, expressions, basic query execution, Sub-query, Joins, Expressions, Loops, Sub-queries. Catalog – Schema, Table, Views, Functions, Stored Procedures, Index, Synonyms, Sequences, Triggers. Provisioning – SDA [Smart Data Access]. Security – Users, Roles.

SAP HANA Modelling

Introduction – Types of Models, Attribute Views, Joins, Using Filter Operations, Creating Restricted & Calculated Columns, Using Hierarchies. Analytic Views – Star Schema design, Multi-Dimensional modeling, Using Variables, Using Input parameters, Advantages & Limitations.

Calculation Views (GUI)

Dimension Calculation View – Star Join Calculation view, OLTP Calculation view, Using Projection, Using Join, Using Aggregation, Using Union, Using Rank. Calculation Views (Scripted) – CE functions Introduction, Creating Content Procedure.

Analytic Privileges

Classical Analytic Privileges, SQL Analytic Privileges, Dynamic analytic Privileges.Turning Business Rules into Decision tables.Table Functions.

In-depth Modeling

Union Pruning, Refactoring information models, Schema Mapping, Propagate to schematics, Show Lineage, Find Where used, Schema Mapping, Generating Time Data.

Modeling (Cont.)

Using Time Travel, Migrating deprecated Information models, Using Currency Conversion.Web based Modeling Work bench. Advanced HANA SQL script -Temporary tables, Triggers, Exceptions Handling.

Full Text Search

Overview, Datatypes & full text Indexes, Using Full text search. Application Life Cycle Management – Transport Using Developer mode, Transport Using Delivery Unit mode, Change management. Analyzing Query Performance- Explain Plan, Visualize plan, Performance trace.

Data Provisioning

Data Provisioning – Data provisioning using SLT, Data Acquisition with BODS, Data Provisioning with Flat File upload

Data Provisioning (Cont.)

Data Provisioning using Direct, Extractor Connection, Security and Authorizations, Introduction to Lumira, Using Lumira Prepare, Visualize compose data.

ABAP programming for SAP HANA

How SAP HANA affects the ABAP development process, introducing the ABAP development tools (ABAP in Eclipse), how to take ABAP to HANA, using SAP HANA as a secondary database, the various issues in performance and functional aspects encountered in SAP HANA migration, understanding the ABAP Test Cockpit, Code Inspector, Profiler, Trace and SQL Trace, improving the performance with SQL performance tuning and monitoring, guidelines and rules when deploying ABAP for SAP HANA.

Accessing data stored in SAP HANA

What is New Open SQL, definition of advanced views by deploying Core Data Services in ABAP, creating CDS associations, how to implement authorization checks using CDS with ABAP, SAP HANA Objects in ABAP, how to consume SAP HANA views using ADBC (ABAP Database Connectivity) and native SQL in ABAP, using the ADBC and native SQL to consume SAP HANA database procedures.

Advanced Topics Overview

SAP HANA Dynamic tiring, Delta Merge, SDI [Smart Data Integration], SAP HANA has Application Platform, SAP HANA cloud, L Procedures, R Procedures, Partitioning of tables, Introduction to AFL, PAL, BFL.

Module 1: Modeling

Unit 1. Introduction to SAP HANA
Unit 2. Data warehousing Concepts
Unit 3. Working with HANA STUDIO
Unit 4. HANA – Attribute View
Unit 5. HANA – Analytical View
Unit 6. HANA – Calculation View
Unit 7. Decision Tables

Module 2: SQL in HANA

Unit 8. SQL in HANA
Unit 9. Stored Procedures in HANA

Module 3: Data Provisioning

Unit 10. ETL Based Replication using SAP BODS

Unit 11. Batch Driven Replication using DXC

Unit 12. Real Time Replication using SAP LT

Module 4: Advanced Modeling

Unit 13. Hierarchies
Unit 14. Conversions
Unit 15. Analytical Privileges
Unit 16. SAP HANA TEXT Analysis

Module 5: HANA Reporting

Unit 17. Reporting using Excel
Unit 18. SAP Visual Intelligence
Unit 19. SAP BO 4.1/4.2
Unit 20. Crystal Reports

Module 5: HANA Administration

Unit 21. Creating Users and Roles
Unit 22. Security and Authorizations
Unit 23. Administration

Module 6: BW on HANA Concepts

Unit 24. Concepts of SAP BW 7.4 ON HANA

Module 7: Best Practices and Performance

Unit 25. Best Practices in HANA Modeling


Unit 26. COPA

Module 9:  New Enhancements

Unit 27. New Enhancements and Features in new SPS


Topics Covered


Unit 1. Introduction to SAP HANA

  • SAP HANA Introduction
  • Versions in SAP HANA
  • SAP HANA Editions
  • SAP System Landscape and Architecture

Unit 2. Data Warehousing Concepts

  • Data, Database, DBMS
  • Data Models
  • OLTP Systems
  • OLAP Systems
  • Converting ERM to MDM
  • Star Schema, Implementation of Data models

Unit 3. Working with HANA STUDIO

  • Exporting Modeling Objects and Views
  • Importing Modeling Objects and Views
  • Catalog Objects in HANA Studio
  • Content in HANA Studio
  • Packages and Sub Packages
  • Provisioning in HANA
  • Security in SAP HANA
  • Creating Package and Sub Packages

Unit 4: Creating Information Views – Attribute Views

  • Introduction to Information Views
  • Creating Attribute View
  • How data stored in SAP HANA
  • Applying Filters at the time of definition
  • Adding Calculated Columns to Attribute View
  • Creating attribute views on multiple tables

Unit 5: Creating Information Views – Analytical Views

  • Creating Analytical Views on Transaction Data
  • Creating Analytic View Representing a Multidimensional  Model
  • Apply Filtering in Analytical View
  • Creating Variables in Analytical View
  • Adding Calculated Columns
  • Creating Restricted Columns

Unit 6: Creating Information Views – Calculation Views

  • Creating Calculation Views Graphical using Projection Node
  • Creating Calculation Views using Join Node
  • Creating Calculation Views using Union Node
  • Creating Calculation Views using Aggregation Node
  • Implementing Multidimensional models using calculation views
  • Creating Decision Table with Return Values
  • Creating Decision Table with Update Values

Unit 7: Creating Decision Tables

  • Creating Decision Table with Return Values
  • Creating Decision Table with Update Values

Unit 8: SQL on HANA

  • Introduction to SQL in SAP HANA
  • SQL statement types
  • Filtering data
  • Joins in SQL
  • Sub Queries

Unit 9: Creating Stored Procedures

  • Stored Procedures
  • Parameter Types
  • Executing Procedure
  • Calculated Engine Functions
  • Creating Procedures under content
  • Scripted Calculation Views

Unit 10: ETL Based Replication using SAP BODS

  • Extract DATA from Excel to HANA
  • Loading Data from Flat File to HANA
  • Loading Data from Flat File to HANA
  • Using Template Table as Target
  • Loading data from SQL SERVER to HANA
  • Import Metadata of ECC to HANA
  • Loading data from SAP ECC (multiple tables ) to HANA
  • Loading Data from BW to HANA
  • Extract Data from ECC using ABAP Workflow
  • Designing Data Flow for BW

Unit 11: Batch Driven Replication using DXC

  • Overview of the DXC
  • DXC Configuration for SAP Business Suite
  • Data Replication from SAP business system using DXC

Unit 12: Real Time Replication using SAP LT

  • Overview of the SAP Replication Server
  • Configuring SAP LT Server
  • Configuring and Monitoring Dashboard
  • SLT Based Table Data Provisioning

Unit 13: Hierarchies

  • Hierarchies – LEVEL
  • Hierarchies – Parent Child

Unit 14: Conversions

  • Difference between Copy from and Derived
  • Generating Time Data in Information Views
  • Transportation (Import and Export)
  • Currency
  • Units of Measure

Unit 15: Analytical Privileges

  • Creating Analytical Privileges
  • Assigning Analytics to Users

Unit 16: Text Analysis

  • Full Search text
  • Fuzzy Search

Unit 17: Reporting Using Excel

  • Connecting SAP HANA to MS – Excel

Unit 18. SAP Visual Intelligence

  • SAP Lumira

Unit 19: SAP Business Objects Tools BOBI 4.1/4.2

  • Introduction to Business Objects
  • Analysis for Office for OLAP
  • Dash Boards
  • Creating Web Intelligence
  • Information Design Tool

Unit 20: Crystal Reports

  • Crystal Reports 2013

Unit 21. Creating Users and Roles

Unit 22. Security and Authorizations

Unit 23. Administration

Unit 24. Concepts of SAP BW 7.4 ON HANA
Unit 25. Best Practices in HANA Modeling

Unit 26. COPA

Unit 27. New Enhancements and Features

About our Best SAP HANA Trainer:

  • BO/BODS/HANA 1.0 consultant with rock solid experience in Delivery/Consulting/Assessment/Support projects with fortune 500 companies and as a Senior Consultant.
  • More than 15 years of Consulting & Teaching experience as a Corporate Trainer in BW versions (BODS 4.X), SAP BO (4.X), HANA SPS8, SPS9, SPS10).
  • With a strong background in training and deep knowledge of the core subject and techniques on getting certification successfully completed many batches around the globe.
  • Trained over 50 + batches in BODS/BO/HANA and 80% of the students accomplished in getting jobs in various domains.




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