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Are You Thinking About   Outsourcing?

No, we don’t read minds… But you are in the right place!

If you’re interested in getting expert, high quality service without sacrificing savings, we have the solution for you.


  • We meet with clients to determine and understand their requirements.

  • We work closely with our clients to define the scope of a project.

  • We plan timescales and the resources needed.

  • We clarify a client’s system specifications, understand their work practices and the nature of their business

  • If required we travel to customer sites.

  • liaise with staff at all levels of a client organization.

  • We analyses IT requirements within companies and give independent and objective advice on the use of IT.

  • We develop the agreed solutions and implement new systems.

  • We present solutions in written or oral reports.

  • We help clients with change-management activities

  • We design, test, install and monitor new systems.

  • We prepare documentation and present progress reports to customers
  • organize training for users and other consultants
  • We involve in sales and support, and where appropriate, maintain contact with client organizations
  • We identify our clients potential and build and maintain contacts accordingly.