SAP MM stand for Material Management, it is one of the important module of

      SAP logistics that deals with Procurement, vendor master data and material resources of a company.

  • Procurement – Acquiring goods, services, or works from an external source.
  • Vendors – Vendors that supply an enterprise.
  • Material resources of a company – Machinery, Books,  Raw material.
  • Inventory management – Inventory or stock is the goods and materials that a business holds for the ultimate goal of resale

In SAP, MM module records all the transactions that related to goods or materials on a regular basis.

SAP MM module helps to implement the supply chain management (SCM) in an organization and enables to control the inventory management,. forecast customer demand and updated on all the transactions of supply chain.

SAP MM Syllabus:

  • SAP Easy Access.
  • SAP MM Enterprise Structure
  • SAP MM – Material Master Data
  • SAP MM – Vendor Material Master Data
  • SAP MM – Quotation
  • SAP MM – Purchase Requisition (PR).
  • SAP MM – Purchase Order (PO)
  • SAP MM – Contracts
  • SAP MM – Pricing Procedure
  • SAP MM – Material Requirement Planning (MRP)
  • SAP MM – Inventory Management
  • SAP MM – Invoice Verification Process
  • SAP MM – Invoice Valuation Process
  • SAP MM – Procurement Process
  • SAP Procure to Pay Process
  • SAP MM – Reports and Analysis
  • SAP MI /FI – Integration.
  • SAP Stock Transfer Order and Stock Transfer Process
  • Vendor Consignment Process in SAP
  • SAP Purchasing Info Record
  • SAP MM Pricing Conditions
  • SAP TCodes


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